Austin Monde

Full Name
Austin Monde
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Undergraduate Student
Programme of Study
B.ICT With Education
Research Inception Year
Research Interests
Human Computer Interaction
ICT for Development
Graduation Status

Austin Monde was a final year student at the University of Zambia, where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). His major program was ICT, while his minor was Civic Education. Throughout his time at UNZA, he was an active participant in various extracurricular activities. He was a member of UNZAICTA and served as a treasurer, where he collaborated with other students to develop and strengthen the ICT community on campus.

Monde, Austin, Patrick Mwila, Chabu Namwila, and Peter Tembo. 2023. “Evaluating Free And Open Source Radiology Information System For Automating Workflows At The University Teaching Hospitals - Zambia”. Lusaka, Zambia: University of Zambia.
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