Ernest Obbie Zulu

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Ernest Obbie Zulu
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Academic Staff
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Data Mining

Ernest is currently at the UTH Adult Hospital, Department of Radiology where he is pursuing a Specialty Training Programme (STP) in Radiology.

He previously worked at UTH as a Junior Resident Medical Officer before going to the Zambia Military Academy, where he worked for 2 years at Tug Argan camp hospital in Ndola. He was then posted to Northern Command Military Hospital and whilst there in 2017-2018, sent to the Central African Republic under the Zambian UN peace mission, where I also worked at Rwanda's level II hospital in the mission area.

Enterprise Medical Imaging
Zulu, Ernest Obbie, and Lighton Phiri. 2022. “Enterprise Medical Imaging For Improved Radiological Workflows: Towards An Interoperable And Standards-Based Medical Imaging Platform In Public Health Facilities In Zambia”. In Zambia Digital Health Conference 2022. Lusaka, Zambia: Ministry of Health.
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Zulu, Ernest Obbie, and Lighton Phiri. 2022. “Enterprise Medical Imaging In The Global South: Challenges And Opportunities”. In 2022 Ist-Africa Conference. IEEE.
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Zulu, Ernest Obbie, and Lighton Phiri. 2021. “Enterprise Medical Imaging For Streamlined Radiological Diagnosis In Zambian Public Health Facilities”. Lusaka, Zambia: The University of Zambia. doi:10.13140/RG.2.2.11215.61603.
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