DataLab PublicationsThe DataLab group is a research laboratory at The University of Zambia. The group primarily conducts research focused on data analysis and data management, with focus on three key research areas:

  • Digital Libraries;
  • Data Mining and
  • Educational Technology.

The primary activities conducted by the research laboratory are:

  • Training;
  • Research;
  • Community Engagement and
  • Consultancy

Recent Publications

Chipangila, Bertha, Eric Liswaniso, Andrew Mawila, Philomena Mwanza, Daisy Nawila, Robert M'sendo, Mayumbo Nyirenda, and Lighton Phiri. 2023. “Controlled Vocabularies In Digital Libraries: Challenges And Solutions For Increased Discoverability Of Digital Objects”. International Journal On Digital Libraries, 17. doi:10.1007/s00799-023-00374-1.
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Mahlaza, Zola, Ernest Obbie Zulu, and Lighton Phiri. 2023. “Radiology Report Terminology To Characterise Reports In Southern Africa”. In 17Th International Conference On Metadata And Semantics Research. Milan, Italy: Springer Nature.
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Tembo, Dokowe, Akakandelwa Akakandelwa, and Lighton Phiri. 2023. “Usability Evaluation Of University Library Portals In Zambia”. In 4Th African Human Computer Interaction Conference. East London, South Africa.
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