Kadeyo Kuyela

Full Name
Kadeyo Kuyela
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Postgraduate Student
Research Supervisor
Programme of Study
MA Library and Information Science
Research Inception Year
Research Interests
Technology-Enhanced Learning
Graduation Status

I have worked for the University of Zambia as a part-time tutor under the Department of Library and Information Science. I have also worked as a data entry officer at Civil Aviation Authority Zambia, a trainee assistant Librarian at The University of Zambia, a part-time lecturer at Information and Communication University (ICU), an Assistant electrician at Manzi Valley Limited, and  as a Call Center Agent at Fenix International Zambia.

I obtained a Degree in Library and Information Science and Development Studies at The University of Zambia. I also have a Craft Certification in Power Electrical from Luanshya Technical and Business College. In addition, I am a member of the Library and Information Association of Zambia (LIAZ) and the Engineering Institute of Zambia (EIZ).

Kuyela, Kadeyo Mutale. 2022. “Investigating The Usefulness Of Interactive Tablets In Facilitating Teaching And Learning Activities: The Case Of Mwabu Tablet”. Department Of Library And Information Science. Lusaka, Zambia: The University of Zambia.
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