Reusable and Shareable Orchestration Packages

Orchestration of learning, a process that involves the real-time management of learning activities, is known to be challenging. While the orchestration processes and resources used during orchestration of learning activities can be reused, sharing them is a non trivial task. We propose an end-to-end Reusable Virtual Orchestration Appliance (rVOA) workflow, based on organised orchestration of learning activities, for sharing and reusing these processes and resources as Open Education Resources (OERs). We show the feasibility of the rVOA workflow by implementing an offline authoring tool—-used to create and playback the orchestration packages—-and an online OER repository—-used to store the packages and, additionally, to facilitate easy access. Studies conducted to assess the usability of the authoring tool and the repository yielded promising results, suggesting the potential usability of the workflow.
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Technical Report
University of Cape Town
Cape Town, South Africa
Parker, Nabeel, Morne Valentyn, Christoph Meinel, Hussein Suleman, and Lighton Phiri. 2018. “Reusable And Shareable Orchestration Packages”. Cape Town, South Africa: University of Cape Town.