Investigating The Introduction of Interactive Tablets In the Zambian Classroom By Understanding The Challenges Faced in Orchestration of Teaching and Learning

Classroom Orchestration are the activities that are carried out in the classroom, they consist of classroom management activities like monitoring of the pupils, distribution of work, taking of attendance and many other activities. Therefore this report focused on two main areas; Understanding Classroom Orchestration and the challenges faced. Challenges are known to be faced in situations where many individuals are involved and each is unique to the environment. However, similarities do tend to exist in environments that have common constraints. The challenges we aim to identify are unique to the zambian primary school classroom. After identifying the challenges we then aim to introduce an interactive tablet to mitigate these challenges. This study used an online questionnaire that was shared via different social platforms and targeted towards primary school teachers . Purposive sampling was used to select the sample of this study. The study used a quantitative method approach, data was analysed using SPSS software. The results indicated that among the challenges faced by teachers in the classroom during orchestration, was classroom monitoring with 31% as the highest frequency. This shows that many teachers have challenges in monitoring a classroom. Followed by catering for each pupils’ learning needs, marking assessments and distributing homework questions represented by 25% and administering classroom activities represented by 21.1% of teachers who find it very challenging. According to the respondents these are challenging activities during orchestration of teaching in the classroom. The results indicated that out of the challenges identified, two of them could be mitigated with the tablet through taking attendance . A sample size of 30 University of Zambia Students were asked to simulated taking attendance using two methods then had to fill in a questionnaire. The responses were then analysed using excel spreadsheet and an average of the total responses was arrived at as well as the time they took to perform each activity. Settling on this activity does not mean that it can be the only way to face the challenges identified but instead act as a starting point to combat all the challenges.
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Capstone Research Project Report
University of Zambia
Lusaka, Zambia
Bowa, Hazel, Prudence Mwendaluta, Towela Kalikeka, and Rector Njobvu. 2022. “Investigating The Introduction Of Interactive Tablets In The Zambian Classroom By Understanding The Challenges Faced In Orchestration Of Teaching And Learning”. Lusaka, Zambia: University of Zambia.