Factors Influencing Co-creation of Open Education Resources using Learning Object Repositories

Open Education Resources (OERs) have been identified as instrumental in facilitating access to quality teaching and learning materials. However, despite the rapid development of technologies capable of making OERs, the uptake and co-creation of OERs by educators is still low. This paper outlines a study conducted in order to investigate the use of Learning Object Repositories (LORs) in co-creation of OERs by educators. Using the Uses and Gratification theory, a survey was conducted with 36 educators in order to identify learning objects commonly used by educators and, additionally, to determine the factors that can positively influence educators to be co-creators of OERs. The results indicate that sharing knowledge, contributing to other people and intellectual challenge are factors that are highly correleted in motivating educators to be co-creators of OERs. The results also indicate that the learning objects commonly used by the educators are the course modules and presentation sli des. In conclusion, in order for educators to be co-creators of OERs they need to be intrinsically motivated and be able to collaborate with others for non-selfish reasons. The results of of this study have the potential of influencing how LORs should be design in order to facilitate effective co-creation of OERs.
Year of Publication
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14th International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU 2022)
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Chanda, Mulenga, Elizabeth Chirwa, Mirriam Kamanga, Mwenya Kayula, and Lighton Phiri. 2022. “Factors Influencing Co-Creation Of Open Education Resources Using Learning Object Repositories”. In 14Th International Conference On Computer Supported Education (Csedu 2022), 405-412. SciTePress. doi:10.5220/0011090300003182.