Large-Scale Analysis of Medical Image Metadata

This paper offers an ongoing exploration of thesystematic analysis of Medical Image Metadata encoded usingthe Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine(DICOM) standard. The paper carefully looks at theorganization of diverse medical image data, the complexnavigationofethicalconsiderationsinvolvingdataauthorization and anonymization and the subsequent intricateprocessing and metadata extraction procedures. The researchis part of a larger project that aims to address the pressingneed for radiologists in the Republic of Zambia. With only alimited number of trained radiologists available to serve asignificant population, innovative solutions are urgentlyrequired. Simultaneously, this study explores the potential ofstreamlined medical imaging workflows through theapplication of enterprise imaging techniques. The paper isdedicated to providing detailed insights into the methodologiesthat support the execution of large-scale medical imagemetadata analysis. By capturing the collection of images frommultiple sources, addressing ethical concerns for patientprivacy and extracting metadata from DICOM files, thisongoing study continues to provide valuable insights into therefinement of medical imaging practices and the enhancementof clinical decision-making processes.
Year of Publication
Conference Name
2023 Pan African Conference on Science, Computing and Telecommunications (PACT 2023)
Date Published
Zambia ICT Journal
Conference Location
Lusaka, Zambia
Conference Paper
Chileshe, Elijah, and Lighton Phiri. 2023. “Large-Scale Analysis Of Medical Image Metadata”. In 2023 Pan African Conference On Science, Computing And Telecommunications (Pact 2023). Lusaka, Zambia: Zambia ICT Journal.