Elijah Chileshe Delivers Insightful Talk on Large-Scale Analysis of Medical Image Metadata at Academic/Industry Colloquium

Introduction to the Seminar

In a recent seminar for the 2023/24 CSC 5741 course, Elijah Chileshe delivered an illuminating talk titled "Large-Scale Analysis of Medical Image Metadata" on 08 May, 2024. The seminar, held for MSc in Computer Science students from The University of Zambia, was a highlight in a series of academic discussions aimed at bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application in the realm of medical imaging.

Focus on the EMIZ Project

Chileshe's talk centered on Work Page 3 of the Enterprise Medical Imaging in Zambia (EMIZ) Project, an initiative deeply rooted in the Radiology Department of The University Teaching Hospitals (UTHs) in Zambia. His presentation provided an in-depth look at the project's efforts to enhance medical imaging practices through meticulous analysis of medical image metadata.

DICOM Compliance Analysis

A key focus of the talk was the assessment of DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) compliance within medical images. DICOM is the international standard for transmitting, storing, and sharing medical imaging information, ensuring consistency and reliability across different systems and devices. The compliance with DICOM standards is crucial for accurate diagnostics and effective patient care.

Methodology Using CRISP-DM

Chileshe highlighted the use of the CRISP-DM (Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) methodology to structure their analysis. This methodology provided a systematic and robust framework for conducting the large-scale analysis. The stages included:

Findings and Recommendations

The findings from this large-scale analysis serve as a foundational step towards establishing robust guidelines for DICOM compliance. These guidelines are expected to significantly improve the consistency and reliability of medical imaging practices in Zambia.


The seminar was well-received by the MSc students from The University of Zambia, sparking engaging discussions and a deeper appreciation for the intersection of computer science and medical imaging. Elijah Chileshe's contributions underscore the critical role of interdisciplinary research and the tangible benefits it can bring to healthcare systems.